Instagram post 2240092575121045060_11852506 I might add  @jayfeely is excited. 😂 #revisisland @kerryrhodes
Instagram post 2237912084263679534_11852506 Randy and I fighting over a completion or an int. Miss these one on one matchups. Definitely brought the best out in me. It was challenge every play! The GOAT @randygmoss #randymoss #revisisland
Instagram post 2234558252213139877_11852506 Congrats to the man they call Gilly Island. Much well deserved this year. #24 #patriots @bumpnrungilmore
Instagram post 2225578184585666473_11852506 Best on Best. Let’s see who comes out on top. #legend #bengals #jets #revisisland
Instagram post 2224128273025418084_11852506 People will try to trap you inside their fears, don’t let them.
Instagram post 2213459005959223742_11852506 What you call a normal day in New York. 😂😂🤣 #bigapple #newyork #purecomedy
Instagram post 2213296238887367343_11852506 We use to say “you got mossed” as a kid playing in the streets of Aliquippa. Loved every single one of our matchups but never would witness the day Randy Moss make a tackle on the field. #revisisland #randymoss #nyjets